Luxuriant Facial Therapies 

Facials At Cloud 9 Spa 
To combine complete luxury and relaxation with physical results is a beautiful thing, and it’s also the reason that our facial therapies are so well received by our clients. The combination of being amongst the beautiful surroundings of our country spa, and our high quality, natural ingredients, ensure you leave Cloud 9 rejuvenated and looking gorgeous. 
We work only with Arbonne products.. The entire Arbonne range is made up of natural ingredients and includes no nasties to ensure only the purest ingredients touch your skin. Our premium selection of these products have all been tried and tested by us, and our high standards for luxury mean we only ever recommend treatments that work. All ingredients are organic, vegan certified and are free from any harmful extras like parabens, perfumes, or colouring. Arbonne products can be purchased to continue good skin care at home. 
At Cloud 9 we believe in creating a bespoke, tailored experience for every client – this is how we achieve personalised results and happy people. When you enjoy a Facial Therapy Treatment with us, your therapist will consult with you at every stage to amplify the sumptuousness of your visit and to ensure you’re receiving an experience that best suits you. 

Arbonne Clear Future Facial  

For those with acne prone or problem skin, our clear future range is perfect. It uses Salicylic acid for gentle exfoliation & soothing botanicals to Moisturise; your skin will feel refreshed & clear. 

Arbonne Calm Facial  

For those with sensitive skin. Using our calm range of soothing botanicals your skin will feel hydrated & softer. 

Arbonne Men’s RE9 Facial  

Want great looking skin without a complicated routine? Then this is the facial for you! With natural ingredients to condition & moisturise, the RE9 men’s range has also been proven to improve signs of ageing. 

Arbonne Anti-Ageing RE9 Facial  

Arbonne’s premium anti-ageing range is powered by 9 major age-defying elements. With improved firmness in just 24 hours, this is the facial for a youthful looking skin. 

Cloud 9 Luxury Facial  

Using products tailored to your skin type, designed to rehydrate and revive. This treatment includes a face and scalp massage. 

Facial Therapies 

Clear Future 40 minutes – £50 
Calm 40 minutes – £45 
Men’s RE9 40 minutes – £50 
Anti-Ageing RE9 40 minutes – £50 
Cloud 9 Luxury Facial 60 minutes – £65 
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