Low Level Laser Therapy 

Cold Laser/ Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) 
At Cloud 9 we’re the first spa in Northamptonshire to offer the coveted Cold Laser/ Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – the latest innovation in cold laser technology, combined with quantum scalar waves. There are many reasons to join the LLLT journey, but most people choose it for its fantastic healing properties. Cold Laser Therapy works particularly well on acne and other chronic skin conditions, and its results are noticeable in a matter of days. As with all of our treatments, LLLT is all about enhancing natural beauty and is entirely pain and stress-free, only ever working on the surface of your skin to achieve results below skin level including reduced inflammation and tissue repair.  
LLLT has been published in over 1000 laboratory studies, as well as having successful results in over 100 randomised double-blind controlled clinical trials. We wouldn’t offer a treatment we didn’t know and love, but if you’d like more than just our word when it comes to the most exclusive treatment on the market, then you can trust science instead! Book now and see the proven results for yourself. We also offer Cryopen – a treatment option that works on eliminating surface skin issues such as skin tags and age spots. 

Cold Laser / Low Level Laser Therapy (Lllt) 

The treatment uses the union of light, colour and vibration, without generating heat, to dramatically reduce inflammation and musculoskeletal pain and promote tissue repair wherever the laser beam is applied. Completely pain and stress-free, the effects show dramatic results from chronic conditions in days. The treatment can also be used to fight infection, combat stress and promote rejuvenation. Each treatment lasts 20 – 60 minutes. 


The Cryopen is new to the beauty industry.  
It works by freezing and destroying cells in a very directed and specific area. It is ideal for removing skin imperfections such as skin tags, solar lentigo, age spots, milia, warts, cherry angioma and viral verrucae. 


Cold Laser Therapy Per Treatment From £65 
Acne Form £90 
Cryopen Per Treatment From £75 
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