Insanity Tan 

You’ve kept covered during the winter, so during the warmer summer months, it’s only natural that you’ll want to expose more of your skin. When the weather forecast informs us that the sun is due to shine for a sustained period, this is an excellent time to take advantage by sitting outside in the back garden, wearing just a pair of shorts, a sleeveless tee or even a bikini. Throw in a cold drink and a good book, just for good measure. 
Building up a tan is suitable for some reasons. Primarily, in the UK we are not exposed to anywhere near enough sunlight over the course of the year. A suntan is a proof positive that your skin is letting those incredible vitamin benefits from the sun soak in. As well as that, people feel better about themselves when their skin boasts a healthy bronze glow. 

Too Pale To Get A Tan? Think Again 

However, not everyone is lucky enough to attract a tan; many people are simply too pale and run the risk of being sunburnt. The benefits of sitting in the sun can still be plentiful for pale-skinned people, but they should always remain vigilant and apply high-factor sun cream. There is, of course, an excellent way to build up a beautiful colour without the aid of the sun. Tanning products have been around for many years, although they haven’t always delivered the desired results.  
Many tanning creams and sprays tend to go too far and leave people looking more orange than brown. Insanity Tan is changing everything for the better in the tanning market. Boasting a high-quality range of skincare products that deliver a healthy glow to all who use them, Insanity Tan has developed a proud reputation for outstanding results. 

Get Ready To Look And Feel Better 

Whether you want a subtle tan or a colour that suggests you’ve been on the beach for a fortnight, Insanity Tan have the range of products to deliver precisely what you want.A bonus is that all of their products are kind to the skin, with anti-ageing benefits. 
Insanity Tan boasts premium retail products of the highest quality, while customers looking to explore a more advanced option can try the professional tanning range. Book your next Insanity tanning session with us. Call us on 01908 804804 or click the Book Now button. 
Insanity Tan Price From £30 
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